Sunday, February 11, 2007

L N Mittal lessons learnt

Laxmi Vilas Mittal - watch him & his life.

Third richest man after Bill and Warren
He is from a Middle class Rajasthani.
Learnt local medium.
Topped the school through out his education.
He started in Indonesia from a Holiday trip.

Lessons learned

1) Deferred success he consider it as a failure. ( Time is of high important man)
2) He says acquisition is of art more than a Science ( Heard this before from an I banker VP Merill Lynch though)
3) Believe in God and not in astrology ( Awesome)
4) He hire entrepreneurs to run the firm ( I think with a certificate in Entrepreneurship i have a good chance)
5) Acquisition is the way to grow ?? He says there is this many steel mills which we can make in a life time.
6) Only takes calculated risks.
7) Hate the word monopoly ( says consolidation)

What does money mean to him..
"Its the satisfaction for being some thing different and unique"
Business means
"Successful need not to be rich"
Mittal steel makes
"Ha ha no answer"
He still holds an Indian passport
"He says nothing distinguish from being a different nation"
India this much richer
"He says in India things would have been difficult if he stayed there"
Will his son follow him
"He says he will follow his son rather he following him"

Indian who made it at the top of the world today.

Thanks karthik for sending the link