Monday, September 26, 2005

How can a business make money.. How can u identigy successfull business

This is totally my views and I am not responsible for any after effects reading this blog..Vijay

Yep I am going to talk about investing. Given a chance which will be the areas people should look in to..

I always suggest that investment should be service driven. I am taking Ram Kavitark Shriram as as example.. He is having more than 5 million google shares in his kitty at any day worth more than 1.5 billion dollars....

He invested in google and its very intersting.. His portfolio companies are of wide variety ..

I am suggesting that you should invest in service oriented industry rather than musiness model assosiated with it.. People are having a keen intuition which tells that very few direct business models will survice read microsoft.

But service orinted is much better.. Google when started has a good service base but not business model.. That can be start later through brillliant people in hand.. So develop a product with good service and then look for the business model.

I cant explain more on this as everything I cant publish.. if u can mail me I can send some more ..

Friday, September 16, 2005

My first meeting with a VC

I am taking this Intertesing course this semester.. " Strategic Market Assesment of New Technologies " Needless to say the course was the best Enterpreneurship course offered in the USA..Gold medal winner

Yeah why i mention this is worthwhile.. I met with a Venture Capitalist .. The first meeting with a VC in my life.. This means a lot for who know how valuable the time of VC's are.. The guy I am talking about is Dr Fountain.. He is one hell of a guy who is doing Damn good job here.. I asked about his bacground.. He raised 7 comanies out of this 4 of them he took public.. This man really mean what he is talking...

The thing more fascinating for me is that He kind of liked me and sugested me some thing which I should really look in to.. He even told me that he will recommend my name for some pretty good internships.. What more a guy of my age can ask for.. Let us see.. what is coming up ..Stay tuned

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ebay buys out Skype

Dont wonder why.. This is from Mr John battelle. Does it seems to be a no brainer read below

The below words make sense to Ebay people too.. Your vision is very good ... Thats why they brough out skype..

" Now eBay buying Skype? You kidding me? Of course that makes sense. Who is the largest paid search advertiser in the world? eBay. (Or at least in the top three). Why? They are a *mature business* which has reached the stage of *paying well for acquiring customers.* Skype has tens of millions of potential customers, AND a way for folks who are buying and selling to talk to each other for free. But the first point is more important than the second, trust me. Think AOL and ICQ. No brainer "

Only God know what in the world is going to be It industry..

Watch it guys you see much more.. I heard speculation of Oracle buying Siebel,. How true is it..

Let us wait and see

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Evil loaded in free softwares beware..

I know much has been discussed about it earlier though. Yes Yahoo messenger comes bundling with hidden options of screwing your default search page and changing the home page and all the evil you can think about it. It also more hidden and I bet ordinary user will be having a hard time to find it out.

Is it Evil? If you ask me yes. Google the " we do no evil " company bundles its desktop search with such option . But is it a good startegy.

I will say yes in the short run. But the few users whose comments wiill be taken very seriously among the Geek community some of them are Jeremy Zawodny and John Battelle had already expressesed there views about it . I am personally against any one who tampers with my My PC.. I hate it to any extent you can think of.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Microsft Vs Google

Yes this was the topi of our discussion in Miami Beach. Being a hard coore Google fan there is no way that I am agreeing Microsoft is superior. Infact our discussion went from who is powerful at the point of time.

Yeah I agree Microsoft is a mammoth.No dought about it.With 280 billion dollars in the Taotal Cap , They can do that. But Google as a young price called by Mr John Battelle is worth what it is valued at 80 billion dollars.

I was telling him that the only company who can be in par with Big M is Big G.
Let us wait for few more years and see things coming up..

This is a list of project Google is rumoured to be in in

1. Internet through powerlines
2. Google wallet
3. 3d view on maps
4. Free internet back bone.

I see immense potentila in all these projects .. Let us wait and watch