Tuesday, November 29, 2005

!0 rules for web start ups

This guy is a great guy with lot of vissionMr Evan williams. When i read fro his blog EVhead it is really motivating.

He was working with Blogger later got acquired by Google ( Xoogler) now as he retired ans start Odeo. Ths site for podacasting and related things.

Some how I miss to follow him. He is back with an amazing blog as of now. HE had mentioned about 10 rules for start ups (Web). Which is what every one is the bay area seems to be doing now a days.

I really admire his passion and his enthusiasm in doing some thing like this.I personally wish him Good Luck.

The rules are amasing read it here and all the credit of course goes to Mr Evan Williams. He is a close friend of Kimbalina another blogger team mate .

Great Job Mr Evan . I really enjoy reading this one and review from A VC

Monday, November 28, 2005

The 100 billion dollar worth link aka mathematical equation

This is really great. Two guys from stanford who turned the entire world and created such a buzz in the Industry. I really dont know whether the Microsoft does the same stuff. After all this one is a college dissertation for Ph. D .

ok here is the secret. Link worth 108 billion dollar as of Today Nov 28 11:am

Source:Yahoo finance.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

TechCrunch � Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)

Did u hear any where necessity is the mother of invention..

I was wondering I used to have this crazy ideas online and I always like to see it as seeds for a new Start up.But this one from tech crunch is really amazing .

Typically 2 4 8 and 10 I see amazing potential..

May be I can start some thing some times later. But who ever wrote this I understand that he is a big online presence.Atleast he spend 16+ hrs a days in front of his computer. ( OMG I just realise I spend nearly 16 hrs a days ) . But SSE from microsft with open source from Microsoft really appreciating.

Now u see more real time datas flowing online, I mean interaction which makes life more more easier. Yes Its going to be a revolution. I really wonder why there is less talks about the SSE of microsoft.

People have now made a habit to ignore MSoft which is not good. As Mr Gates cited.People are behind googles honey moon.

Midas touch is always not good..

ps:I am a big admirer of google , Even though there recent products are falling short of expectation

TechCrunch � Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Great link

Yeah nothing just a link

Venture capitalist
and Angel investors.

Good one

Who are Angel Investors?

Angel Investor are What I will call as Individual VC's.. These are the brightest people who you can see in the entire globe I say.When I mean the brightest read the Business acumen and potential in identifying the future demands..

They must be thinking before the rest of the world for sure. After all any Managemets duty mostly consists of prediction. Which I learned from Demings System of profound Knowledge.

I found this article about Angel Investors is amazing and worth a read from Entrepreneur.com

The article in brief mentions about Who Angel investors are . What they do. Where they hunt for talent . How can we hunt Angel investors..Typically this one is elaborated with 10 steps to be done..

If you want to know a successful Angel investors Nothing just Clik Ram Shriram. This Guy is amazing and Look in to his portfolio companies. You must be really stunned. He has simply 5 million + google shares Juts simply worth 2 billion dollars alone.. Then the other succesful companies on his list are humungus.

I will work for him for anything in the world and even a day spending with him will give an year worth of education..After it is not all form books. I think it wil take me to have an MBA or some more dual degress to atleast understand whathow he process his thoughts.. Amazing processor with a wonderful forecasting algorithm.

These comments are copyrighted .. Creative commons

Sunday, November 20, 2005

How to say No. ( The power os saying No)

This I think is a great read.My father used to tell me this..There is this powerful word "No". It can be a great Saviour some times or Disaster otherwise. Read how people suffers with this power

The below article is from Burnhams Bill who blogs about Investing

The Art of Saying “No”: Part 1

Believe it or not, saying “no” to a potential investment opportunity is one of the hardest things to do the Venture business. It’s also, unfortunately one of the things that VCs have to do most often.

Personally, I must admit that for the first couple years of my VC career I was pretty bad at saying “no”. Sometimes I would say “no”, but sometimes I would say “maybe” when I really meant “no”, and sometimes I wouldn’t say anything at all in the hopes that the entrepreneur wouldn’t try to contact me again (like when I got unendorsed/irrelevant business plans via e-mail).

The issue with saying “no” in the venture business is that there’s really isn’t any upside to saying “no” due to the fact that:

A. You might be saying “no” to providing the initial funding to the next Google or Cisco or Yahoo. By saying “no” you risk alienating the entrepreneur to the extent that your are shut out of their next round of financing, thus completely missing the boat.

B. Even if you say “no” to a company that is in fact going no-where, you risk alienating the entrepreneur to the point where they don’t bother contacting you when they create their next start-up, which will inevitably happen to be Google, Cisco, Yahoo, etc.

C. Saying “no” to any entrepreneur is not fun and creates enemies. It’s like telling someone their baby is ugly or their child is stupid. At best they will walk away puzzled at your inability to “get it”, at worst they will berate for your stupidly and declare a permanent pox on your house.

Net, net: no one likes to make enemies and saying “no” is a pretty easy way to do it.

TechCrunch » Top Five Web 2.0 Venture Capitalists

This one is absolutely stunning great report about the VC's. I have been looking for some thing like this Some how I have this ideas that VCs are the hardest person to deal with. Otherwise they wont be able to be there, in the position where they are.

I see that all the Vcs are having enough money where the hell they get this Million Dollar from. Does it mean some thing to you.

TechCrunch » Top Five Web 2.0 Venture Capitalists

Genuine VC: Seven Founding Sins

I found this article from David Biesels Genuine VC as an Eye opener for the new and asprping fouders.it isnt necessary that we have a great technology to lean on. Normally nothing comes until the founder those who are very critical to the death and birth of a company. To realise their true potential. Very few can handle the ounder role and CEO role. I can always give n example for that . from Yahoo, Google and many more..

For the mean time you can read from Genuine VC for the original article or read below

Seven Founding Sins

Over the past couple years, I have been involved with and close to a number of both successful and unsuccessful startups. To me, the most exciting (and most perilous) times in a company’s life-cycle are the early first stages when it is just getting off the ground. The company’s founder(s) role is an essential one which carriers many risks for missteps. So I’ve compiled what I’ve learned to be the Seven Founding Sins – common mistakes which often divert entrepreneurs off the path towards success.

Inauthenticity. While there are notable exceptions, most successful entrepreneurial endeavors are sprung from a genuine idea born from true experience or direct & tangible observation. A founding team should not only have the relevant experience, but also immediate and authentic understanding of the end-users’/customers’ need. Blank-slate brainstormed white-board ideas rarely even deserve the material that they’re written on. Great ideas search for a great entrepreneur; great entrepreneurs don’t search for a great idea.

Sloth. It may seem obvious, but founding a company is not a full-time job. It’s a full-time life. And then some. And then some more. Only those who truly understand this notion have a shot.

Extravagance. A startup is just that – a startup. Without the full corporate infrastructure support, and more importantly, without extensive monetary resources, founders and employees must spend wisely. Even if VC financing has been raised, extravagant and wasteful spending by a few founders/leadership sets the tone for the entire organization. Jet-set lifestyles are appropriate after the liquidity event, as employees treat resources with the same respect that those in power do.

Taciturnity. Rapid progress and constant adjustment in a new endeavor requires continuous communication of these changes. Founders need to ensure that all of the constituents who are involved in making the company a success – co-founders, (prospective) investors, advisors, (potential) customers, employees, analysts, press, bloggers, professional service providers, etc. – are regularly updated with an accurate and realistic assessment of both developments and challenges that affect them specifically.

Greed. Holding too tightly to the percentage of ownership figure doesn’t allow room for a company to attract the leadership, employees, and investors that will maximize shareholder value – including the founders’. A flourishing startup endeavor requires investing equity in others to generate substantial return.

Arrogance. There is a fine line between a beneficial pride of confidence and a dangerous arrogant hubris. Founders must realize the limits of their abilities and seek help/input about when others on the team are more informed or in a better position to make decisions. Letting others control activities frees founders to contribute where they can best – in whatever role that may be. Nobody, including a founder, is always right.

Indecisiveness. The beauty of a startup is that there are endless possibilities. The difficulty is to concentrate on one opportunity, not every opportunity. The sooner that a new company can find its focus and make strides, the better. Of course any new company necessitates flexibility, but there is greater risk in trying to be “all things to all people” than succumbing to rigidity. In the end, tough choices are indeed tough, founding entrepreneurs need to make them.

Company valuation model.. / Ownership

This one is really worth a look. Even though I dont think this as the way VC's work on funding and all. It wil give you atleast a rough estimation for No vice...

The below model is by Raising caiptal.

Future value of investors investment

Click to read more Model

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Term papers

There are too many stuffs going on. Writing a term paper has its own benefits and disadvantages. You know what I meant if u had ever written one..

Its such a pain in the ***.. Yeah any way I have to turn tow papers one for TQm concepts and about Strategic market assesment tomorrow. 2 in a week.Hm hm

Please some one drag me to the end of this week. I am totally done with 5 hr nights.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Want to start your own business .. Take care of these stuffs

The List given below is from Economic times
I found the list as good one and I found the definition of these as not wuite stimulation. I think these are good check points while the list doesnt include all it will give you a good starting point. There may be one day I will expand on these topics as I am climbing up through my ladder and I assure you guys there that its not so far.So stay tuned.

Personal qualities

Adequate resources

Emotional support


Financial model

How to raise Money

Take care of your cash-flow


Know your target market