Tuesday, November 22, 2005

TechCrunch � Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)

Did u hear any where necessity is the mother of invention..

I was wondering I used to have this crazy ideas online and I always like to see it as seeds for a new Start up.But this one from tech crunch is really amazing .

Typically 2 4 8 and 10 I see amazing potential..

May be I can start some thing some times later. But who ever wrote this I understand that he is a big online presence.Atleast he spend 16+ hrs a days in front of his computer. ( OMG I just realise I spend nearly 16 hrs a days ) . But SSE from microsft with open source from Microsoft really appreciating.

Now u see more real time datas flowing online, I mean interaction which makes life more more easier. Yes Its going to be a revolution. I really wonder why there is less talks about the SSE of microsoft.

People have now made a habit to ignore MSoft which is not good. As Mr Gates cited.People are behind googles honey moon.

Midas touch is always not good..

ps:I am a big admirer of google , Even though there recent products are falling short of expectation

TechCrunch � Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)