Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back with revealing findingss

Thriving industries in India .. Bet me and I take the responsibility if this is nnot spanning out.. As usual I dont Bull Shit in these areas. Look in to my past prediction. Nothing went wrong

Indias hot areas

1 Finance ( Especially Micro)
2 Banking ( You call me )
3 Net technologies ( What silicon valley is doing will be replicated in 3 years in India)
4 Investment banking ( Difficult but room is there)
5 Real Estate ( You are never late in this ) I think I have a command in this area.
6 IPO ( More and more)
7 Communications ( Already there)
8 Less Immigrants .. ( I mean people who are coming back to India will raise)
9 More Angel Investing..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

is it good or bad any way.. who knowsss

I am writing after a long time and there are enough reasons thats I am doing like this. I havent been sitting idle and its not the reason that I dont have anything to share with...

But with come back with brilliant. Many of the ideas I had in my Starbucks napkins are live now. Should I be disappointed absolutely NO. I am glad that I am thinking in the right direction. I alwas had this intuition abt this nothing just follow your intution.

I was thinking about raising some funds some think like a small index fund and invest it to real estate / in IT sector incubatiing a few companies.( Start ups) I know its a lot of research and patience to strike the gold. Finally this is a time people are overwhelmed with opportunities. The market is soaring ( Ignore MFT price for few more days). In the zoo only Bulls are there there is no bear and experts predict they wont be seen for a while.

I am trying to map the real estate indicators in US and India. Did the follow the same trend. I was looking for an index fund in real estate to map through...

I have one gut feeling that they are totally distinct . Many big guys are down in India hunting for their own piece of Diamond or Gold. Ram Shriram is one among them. I have always high reagrds for this guy.

He know to play the right ball game.

Ok coming back.. Let me talk abt it. I am going to be some day ran before the race. I am running now may be a little bit slow. I have ideas which others conveniently dulided on. But I know one things days are not so far for me strike the Diamond.Any way slow and steady wins the race.. The old adage .

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

M & A in India 25 billion.....

This is amazing growth and trust me more will be following . Wanna read more M & A in India. Thanks to vccircle.

I will write more abt this when I find some time.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Google Analysts Day

Click here for this amazing presentation..Google Analyst. This is impressive and this small yet bug company has achieved quite a lot in a few years..