Friday, December 02, 2005

how important is this

I slept night with some thoughts. Why shouldnt we start some thing. Yesterday I got a chance to talk with some really important people. I really these people have a sense of whats going on and they are great.

They ashares the same Idea. Suppose, if you pass a survey in Yahoo! Microsoft or Google. Since people think on these lines its necessary believe we better discuss these ones.

As I know many people in these Big Giant Companies are having real Enterpreneur ambitions. Thats great. After all the culture of this country supports the Enterpreneurs and Wanna bes.

I am sad to see this. Many new start ups typically so called Web 2.0 they are thinking about just not anything but Cash flows. As I mentioned before here. What you need is functionality a good technology or platform and everything follows. Cash flows will / should be always the next big thing to pursue a technology rather than passion assosiated with.

Google doesnt have a Business plan even after 3 years of it launch. What people think in this world I dont know.Here said John Battelle and Jeremy Zawondy Nothing can make or men Billions overnight. Hard but mere FACT my friend.

So gather your thoughts coming out with a sleek and cool product and you are all set. Everything follows. VCs, Angels, Mergers, Acquisitions,IPOs and what else you can think for. So that said AIM HIGH.....Read this article from Goolges Marrisa Mayer. Apparenttly she is a great looking young lady. Thats said I am sure you visit the photo...