Wednesday, May 30, 2007

U.S., India Near Pact On Nuclear Energy

U.S., India Near Pact On Nuclear Energy -

NEW DELHI -- India and the U.S. are nearing a
compromise on a landmark civilian-nuclear-energy deal, a top U.S.
official said, as the two countries attempt to salvage the symbol of a
new strategic partnership.

In an interview, U.S. Ambassador David Mulford said
yesterday he expected that India and the U.S. would surmount most of
the major obstacles during two days of talks scheduled to start Friday
in New Delhi. Mr. Mulford acknowledged the two sides must still work
through some "deeply political issues," but he said, "We have been very
anxious to take the next step."

India and the near future for infrastructure

U.S. Home -

India's plans for increasing infrastructure spending will rely mostly on private investors, in a shift from China's model of enlisting government-backed banks and companies to build new roads, airports and power projects.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Watch out for the richest indian He is coming Kushpal Singh

VC Circle - Indian Venture Capital, Private Equity, M&A :: DLF Prices IPO In Rs 500-550 Range; Grey Market Premium At Rs 20-40

DLF Prices IPO In Rs 500-550 Range; Grey Market Premium At Rs 20-40
by Sahad on Fri 25 May 2007 10:48 IST | Permanent Link | Cosmos
Real estate giant DLF Universal has priced its IPO a bit conservatively between Rs 500 and Rs 550 ($12-13.75). It was earlier expected to price the issue around Rs 600 ($15). At the upper band of the issue price, DLF will raise about Rs 9,625 crore ($2.4 billion), valuing the company at 93,500 crore ($23.3 billion). The company is issuing 175 million shares of Rs 2 each, which will be about 10.2 per cent of the enhanced paid-up capital. The issue will open on June 11 and close on June 14

I know that it was coming.

These people from TATA are awesome double your money in 6 months. Crazy man. Better than hedge funds returns.

Coca-Cola Buys Glaceau for $4.1B | - Houston Chronicle

ATLANTA — Coca-Cola is betting big that Glaceau will help it expand its water and energy drink offerings and jump-start North American sales.

On Friday, the world's largest beverage maker said it would buy the privately held maker of Vitaminwater for $4.1 billion in cash. And Coca-Cola executives said the price-tag, which is nearly twice what Glaceau's estimated value was less than a year ago and represents Coke's largest acquisition ever, is worth it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love this news

We hire physicists, mathematicians, astronomers and computer scientists and they typically know nothing about finance. We haven't hired out of Wall Street at all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Couple - De Couple

Things are quite interesting here in this part of the world. What is happening to dollar. Is it going up or down. Definitely  its  really performing very bad against Asian currencies at the least. China and Kuwait are raising concerns over dollars. I recall what I learnt from the past.

  Is a weakening dollar good? At least its not good for India as I know. Hopefully all the firms have hedged against a weakening dollar.

Continue reading more on..

Will Weakness In Dollar Bust Some Couples? -

Will Weakness
In Dollar Bust
Some Couples?

Blackstone India Fund returns 30%..


 Year of Inception
 Combined Fund Level Annualized IRR or Return

Since Inception(1)

 Annualized IRR or Return,

Net of Fees,

Since Inception(2)

Corporate private equity 1987 30.7%22.6%
Real estate opportunity 1991 39.7%31.0%
Funds of hedge funds 1990 13.0%12.0 
Mezzanine 1999 17.2%10.6%
Senior debt vehicles:       
 Equity tranches 2002 23.6%(3)16.2%(3)
Distressed securities hedge 2005 11.5%8.0%
Equity hedge 2006 26.1%(4)20.0%(4)
Closed-end mutual funds:       
 The India Fund 2005  30.1%(5)
 The Asia Tigers Fund 2005  38.2%(5)

The Blackstone Group L.P.
(Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in its Charter)

Cuban Theory

Ripping up the rules of management - "If everyone agrees with you, it's a waste of time" -- Mark Cuban, co-founder, HDNet (1) - Business 2.0

So does Cuban deliberately tilt against the prevailing wind? "Absolutely," he says. "If other people are coming to the same conclusion as I am, I think, 'This is a business I shouldn't waste my time with.'

Monday, May 21, 2007

Manhattan Condo records

$50 M. Plaza Condo Sale: City's Most Expensive | The New York Observer

But things have been different since August 2004, when New York developer El-Ad Properties, headed by the Israeli-born developer Miki Naftali, bought the Plaza for $675 million. El-Ad is spending $400 million to refurbish the 805-room hotel: When it opens in October, the Central Park landmark will have 182 private condos and 130 hotel rooms--plus 152 units that owners will live in for about a quarter of the year before renting them out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

DE Shaw increase stake in financial service. Short Apple U.S.

The hedge fund manager increased its financial holdings 1.7 percent. The firm almost doubled its stake in Ameriprise, the brokerage firm spun off from American Express Co., to 4.95 million shares as of March 31. Shaw also boosted ownership in Archstone-Smith Trust, the second-largest U.S. apartment real estate investment trust, and AMR Corp.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PE and Corporate buyers simplified

LBO Wire

"A private equity firm's goal from day one is to sell the business, while a corporate's goal from day one is to grow the business," Heckler said.

Roaring China

China is growing at 10% more annual rate. I know you heard this many time. But this time a microscopic view.

Paul Kedrosky: China's Boomtowns

China's Boomtowns
The current National Geographic has a fascinating feature on capitalism in China's boomtowns, cities like Lishui that are growing so fast that city planners have razed 108 hilltops to accomodate the runaway growth.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Off the Topic

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

Note: Although this list of translations may offend some people, the list was
originally sent to me by a Chinese friend of mine and other Chinese friends who have seen
this have thoroughly enjoyed it.

English phrase   Chinese Interpretation
Are you harboring a fugitive?   Hu Yu Hai Ding?
See me A.S.A.P.   Kum Hia Nao
Stupid Man   Dum Gai
Small Horse   Tai Ni Po Ni
Your price is too high!!   No Bai De Thing!!
Did you go to the beach?   Wai Yu So Tan?
I bumped into a coffee table   Ai Bang Mai Ni
I think you need a facelift   Chin Tu Fat
It's very dark in here   Wai So Dim?
Has your flight been delayed?   Hao Long Wei Ting?
That was an unauthorized execution   Lin Ching
I thought you were on a diet   Wai Yu Mun Ching?
This is a tow away zone.   No Pah King
Do you know the lyrics to the Macarena?   Wai Yu Sing Dum Song?
You are not very bright   Yu So Dum
I got this for free   Ai No Pei
I am not guilty   Wai Hang Mi?
Please, stay a while longer.   Wai Go Nao?
Our meeting was scheduled for next week.   Wai Yu Kum Nao
They have arrived   Hia Dei Kum
Stay out of sight   Lei Lo
He's cleaning his automobile   Wa Shing Ka

Friday, May 11, 2007

7 trading sins

The Kirk Report

1) No good reason to trade
2) Chasing price
3) Not letting profits run
4) Seeking high-probability trades
5) Assuming the trend is linear
6) No averaging down
7) Overtrading

Man this place is filled with Entrepreneurs?

» Google Will Make Your Video Ads For You » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel

Google has announced the Google Ad Creation Marketplace, a place where its AdWords advertisers interested in running video ads, but with no expertise or budget for high-quality commercials, can go to get ads created by video professionals at a price they set (suggested at between $100-1000). You say what you’re willing to spend, and if someone accepts your budget they’ll provide end-to-end service, including concept, script-writing, voice-over, editing, and production.

Google needs to take this a step further, tying in with YouTube to let YouTube users create ads for AdWords advertisers. Advertisers can put up a bounty, even a small one for small advertisers, and YouTubers can show off their skills and maybe win the contract. I think it’d be a great way to monetize YouTube and legitimize some of the content. So, how does someone get to be one of these video professionals?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

India growing

India to be among largest consumer markets

India to be among largest consumer markets. There is a long and super money making opportunity in India. All you have to do is replicate some thing which is highly successful in India and has less presence in it. Think and many others. I have some active plans regarding what to be done but surely it needs capital as I know. Let me see what can be done.

 I am planning on going back as of now. But when and what is the target this is a critical question. Even though I am not ready I will surely welcome any ones decision to do so.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Private Equity New Challenges McKinsey Article

The McKinsey Quarterly: Private equity's new challenge

Private equity's new challenge

A changed competitive landscape calls for a different business model.

Neil W. C. Harper and Antoon Schneider