Monday, January 30, 2006

Steve Jobs' Magic Kingdom

This article is relly brilliant if you know who is Steve Jobs. just kiiding if you dont you probably may not be reading this blog.

The article from the Business week about Disney and Pixar( Jobs animation company ) and the evolution of Steve Jobs the once thrown away founder CEO of Apple. (Which many poepl probably dont know ). Read this energetic and wonderfu article below and think high ... You are so close trust me

Steve Jobs' Magic Kingdom

Mittal the Man to watch out for

Beware of this guy.. I dont know what is he up to . His sons article is also quite interesting what these people are up to. Aditya Mittal i read an article in forbes I believe.

This is the excerpt fromm Wall Street Journal online edition which i subscribe too.

MITTAL STEEL'S CEO is to meet with European officials and leaders to lobby for support for his company's $23 billion hostile bid for rival Arcelor. Arcelor's board rejected the offer, which would create the largest steel-industry player in the world, and which has ignited talk of more deals in the sector.

Commodities:Mar. oil futures stand at $67.76 a barrel, $0.72 last week; Gold (Comex) $558.70 per troy ounce, 5.20; Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Index 171.589,


More dealzzz

Colony Capital and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal are near a deal to buy hotel chain Fairmont for about $3.3 billion

Fastow's likely testimony in the trial of former Enron executives Lay and Skilling could pose challenges for both sides.


Glaxo and Serono resumed talks on a potential takeover of the Swiss biotech firm for less than its $15 billion asking price.

Lockheed won a $2 billion Air Force contract to develop a network for new satellites to improve military communications.


Skype and Warner Music plan a deal to bring ringtones to the eBay unit's VOIP phone service.


Warner Bros. plans to sell TV and movies online in Germany via peer- to-peer technology.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Businesss ideaaa pouring in

Hey some one hearing me. I am having some teerific ideas from here and there. Yeah you are correct the ideas are being inspired from here and there....

I mean I am looking in to new Web 2.0 companies and really wondering what will be the next thing . I know I am good at the business plans and all but still lacks the IT skill to put the things to the Board...

Hope fully you will see me some up with some thing.....

Mean while I updated the talludus blog page with new template... This makes sense just because its not the default page of the word press..This one is really good just because it cliched I didnt like it...

So mean while stay tuned. takkudu blog

Google Vs yahoo business modelsss

I know its not a good day for yahoo... yahoo lost abt 16% in share today.. and is ticking at 35.75 as of EST 1120 Jan 19 2006..

I know every one is going big ga ga over google.. Inluding me sigh.. But today I found some thing new.. had any one noticed the page views of yahoo.. Its more than google at any point google is paying the catch up though..

Try excellent site with traffic statistics.. the page views in yahoo is no where near yahoo..

Even I heard from many users including A VC that the revenue from Yahoo ads is not good as google ..

Yahoo needs a new business plan????

Yes yahoo si relaly good in terms of acquisitions and they moving forward in more speed than any companiess...

Google brought some stakes in some radio company.. I know the revenue from radio is not to be ignored...Great Job Google.

Now the business models are great nd good looking for google.

The next big thing is who is going to make in to television fastt...

As new tvs are coming with internet access. Any move on this side will be major push and innovation.

Let us c what are they for..

Sunday, January 15, 2006

What does IVY league dooo to ur education

Yes, An IVY league education is it worth for what???

There are many thing that other colleges cant do. When I say IVY league please consider tier 1 colleges.

What is the studies there different...

Not at all. I mena every one study kotler and potter all over the globe irrespective of the school and the case studies more or less every one user HBR and even the WSJ as a metter of fact.


Hell Yeah. This is the one what u paying for. For me getting an IVY league education is nothing more than thinking different / ( Think along with succesfull people ). I mean we cant find tom and dick in an ivy league. Its not the education makes them different....

I meant there back ground and the values they share in the classs as peers cant be find anything to matched up with...

words short: Its for getting to know the people you are paying this huge sum...

For that MBA isnt not , anything which makes these people united at any levels even a conference is really good.

So if u want to be really big. The only way is to create an identity for urslef and try to spend time with people who that matters.......

Thats all it what u need.. If ur reading this I know you are in the league and you are different from others in many way.. And you are all set for it..

Good luck guys and gals. You can always bounce on my comments.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What is the best Course for meee

I am glad that i am in this college ., typically for this programme.. in Center for Entrepreneurship..

Yesterday i attended the first class of Venture Capital and private equities. though Dr Fountain want present, I met up with some one interesting Stephen R. Budd, MBA.He did share me lot of ideas and some conevntional way of thinking and when this course comes handy..

he was to ask me to got to busines plan and New venture formation.. Which unfortunately i cant as its clashing with some of my other class schedules..

But whatever i am going to set an appintement with him which seems to me as interesting. I will probably learn from him abt the ineteresing stuffs that VC's can do...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Important things I learned...

Hmm. It seems that no one can stop the Buzz about Google.It is still growing like a block buster drug for a pharmaseutical company.. I recently read that the market Cap is more than Berkshire hathway 138.33B vs 137.91B. What honorable Warren Buffet did in 40 years had been surpassed in 16 months.. Un-believable I will mention it as..

I am not here to ga ga about Google and its stock prizes. Some thing interesting is yahoo is proceeding with its acquistion and Yahoo acquired Webjay from Lucas Gonze ..after and Delicious

Google acquires stake in AOL's 5% for 1 Billion

Google pack and Yahoo go is released.

The bloggers I read also been a bit lazy during the vacation as I understood.This makes me suspect whether the entire industry is on vacation or Not.

Read Jeremy and Battelle .

I am talking with some people from Yahoo and Microsoft i dont know whether I will be allowed to publish the name I repsect the privacy and better not doing it..

LA times rumoured that Microsoft acquires yahoo later found out that its as mentioned a baseless rumour.

Better hope that its not google acwuired yahoo... Sighhhh....

I think if thats the case there will be ant trust laws coming in to the picture....

Digg is acquuiring market share.. Which is very Good. Content generated by people is gaining more popularity it seems..Did any one said Web 2.0.....

People are tired of slashdot it seems.. There reader base is detrirationg at high speed...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Backl to work

Yes I am back from vacation . I am sincerely Thankful for all the enquiries about my long absence.I really promise you guys to make really worth the wait. I am back back with a bang as I will say..

Its really refreshing to visit the home and I badly need to break. These 25 days frpom Dec 13 to Jan 10 it seems that I learned a lot than what I did in my Long 1.5 years.

Many thing which is right under the nose people tends to over look and I think I am not different.I learned more financial planning , real life scenarios and What ever the Buzz word you hear about from my father than all the articles and latest internet articles put together.

Ok stay tuned and I will come up with my life back there in home and the newly learned facts in this one .