Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a news

Monday, December 10, 2007

Indias real estate in numbers.

How to Play India's Commercial Real Estate Boom - TheStreet.com University - Personal Finance
In my first column on the prospects and opportunities in Indian real estate, I looked at the residential sector and my favorite way to play it, Unitech Corporate Park (listed on London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in addition to its home listing in India). In this column, I'll examine the commercial real estate sector, which I believe offers significant upside potential, and my favorite pure-play on it: DLF, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Please do a favour for yourself use this resource

I wonder why MIT is considered world leader. This is what any educational institution should do. Disseminate knowledge. I love this resource to my core heart.

There are few instances where I used this resource extensively. I was asked to walk through a 80 / 20 real estate model. ( Which is considered one of the complex models in real estate valuation). I learned a lot from the course by Dr Geltner under Urban studies and planning and able to impress the person.

The resource especially in Capital Markets and the depth of the courses are really amazing. This is the same course what people pay 50,000$ for studying. All you need is passion and you are right there.

MIT opens its academic doors to all online - The Boston Globe
An MIT education is now just a click away

What will happen to this place if its a company

The Raw Story | National debt grows $1 million a minute
US National Debt Expanding at Mind-Numbing Rate, Nearly $1.4 Billion Per Day

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Marks comment on beacon

What the world needs a balance. These are great learning opportunities. I learn from mistakes I made than any other things.

A VC: Is There A Happy Medium Between Opt-In and Opt-Out?
Mark Zuckerberg talks about this challenge in his post yesterday:

But we missed the right balance. At first we tried to make it very lightweight so people wouldn't have to touch it for it to work. The problem with our initial approach of making it an opt-out system instead of opt-in was that if someone forgot to decline to share something, Beacon still went ahead and shared it with their friends. It took us too long after people started contacting us to change the product so that users had to explicitly approve what they wanted to share.

I love Tiger woods

I feel the same way about many things. I start with a bang and feel pretty much the same.

Paul Kedrosky: Quotes du Jour: Dave Grohl and Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods on returning to golf after a break:

First day I hit it like a god. Next day I'm a 5-handicapper. Third day I'm an 18. Next week or two I try to get it back to a 0 handicap. I don't know why it's like that. I always start out hitting it great, then I have this immediate falloff [as I] start thinking about my game, it goes all to pieces and I have to build it back up again

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Origin of risks Lloyd Blankfein

Lloyd Blankfein and Ken Moelis on Wall Street Risks, Rewards and Opportunities - Knowledge@Wharton
How Risks Originate

The bulk of Goldman's risks, Blankfein said, do not result from proprietary trading, but rather from facilitating client objectives. Being an effective M&A advisor, for example, means giving advice that is actionable, which frequently requires the advisory firm to support the client through loans and other balance sheet commitments. Most of Goldman's current exposure to mortgage risk came about in just this way -- through commitments to support client originators.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

India and real estate

Businessworld : Number one Indian business portal with incisive analysis and surveys - Rajas Of Real Estate
A letter changed their lives. Some 30 years ago, the Hiranandanis were in the textile and property business. They did badly in both and decided to withdraw from one of the businesses.