Friday, October 28, 2005

Blogging policies I follow

This blog and its attributed are credited to Philipp Lensen his blog can be reached through here Blog Outer Court

This one is about the tust worthiness of the News I am publsihing ...

Yes, I think I am trustworthy. I follow several principles to be trustworthy:

- I publish my full name, home address, ungarbled email, and photo on my blog
- Every post has a permanent link with a full date and my name below the post
- All posts can be commented on for corrections or feedback
- If I change a post (and it's more than a simple corrected typo) I will make it clear what has been changed either by using the HTML elements [del] / [ins] which were made for that cause, or by posting an update at the end of a post(which is flagged as such), or by making sure the comments contain the information on the change.
This way, I won't report on X, have people link to it saying I reported X, and then change my post to Y, as that would hurt the blogspace discussion.
- I don't report rumors as facts, and I always state who said what (e.g. by naming the full name -- I prefer linking to people who write using their full name -- or by linking to the source). I avoid "Some say..." or "Some people argue..." when I don't have a link ready to accompany this. When I report on a rumor I clearly mark it as such and end the post's title with a question mark (like "New Google Service XYZ?")
and I mention the word "rumor" or similar in the post.
- I come up in official news aggregators such as Google News and am mentioned in other blogs and mainstream news sources.
- I am always available to be contacted and discuss a story, and also, I publish arguments which are against my posts so the other side gets their point of view be seen as well.
- I keep on posting on a daily basis and there is a trustworthy community building around the blog.
- When I did make an error in a post, I clear it up by posting an update. I don't try to hide this error but make clear that I did it.
When the post is very fresh and I find out it covers a hoax (even when I warned it might be a hoax or rumor), I rarely remove the post completely; if I do so, I post the full text of the original post in the blog's forum as reference that it was online.

So I think these policies are far better than any News Papers and official sites. They dont even care to talk about the source where they found the article.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Google vs E bay and Craiglist

What is this.. I think its time for people to disinvest money they put in the form of shares in Ebay and Craigslist..

The big snaks is ready for more apettite. Watch out read this one Google Base. Do you think any one in the world will be putting money to showcase their items over there..

Yahoo made it free already. Oodle is going for a fight with craig slsit.Let is see.. what is going to be...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

14 things you didn't know about Bill Gates

The below article is from Computer Geek .. You can read the article here or read below . I really find this article worth a read. I can imagine when he say that he will be a millionaire by 31/ With great people there is always greta mission..

When great people make great companies. Courtesy Ram Shriram

Look in to the ancestory.. of Bill Gates and all are succefull people.
Read below...

1. Many books have be written about Bill Gates, Amazon brings up 137,632 results.

2. The first company he founded was Traf-O-Data.

3. Microsoft used to be written "Micro-Soft".

4. His great-grandfather was a lawmaker and mayor, his grandfather a national bank's vice president, and his father a successful lawyer.

5. In 1968 when the first computers were installed in the Lakeside Academy, his grades degraded because he would spend days and nights learning the new device.

6. Gates, Pual Allen and their friends caused the computers in Lakeside Academy to crash because of hacking activity.

7. When he was young he used to rock back and fourth. Today he still does it when he's deep in thought.

8. In Harvard he got bored and passed most of his time programming and playing poker.

9. Gates told his teachers in university he would be a millionaire by age 30

10. Gates turned into a billionaire at age 31.

11. One of his teachers said about him "Bill was an amazing programmer, but a disgusting person".

12. The reckless life in Harvard made him sick during summer 1974 and he quit his studies.

13. His first programming job was in high school making a program that organizes an efficient schedule. He used it to sign up to classes that had the hottest girls and have easy fridays.

14. Gates married his wife, Melinda, on January 1994 in an island in Hawaii which he rented for the wedding.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Boss's Daughter

Yesterday I met a very special person, a cute, charming, intelligent and talkitive girl. Incidently she is my Boss's daughter, it was around 5.20 PM, and the boss called me upstairs in the cafeteria. He introduced me to her, and she already knew who I was, maybe he had told her about me beforehand. Then the boss left for some work, and for a period of around 40 minutes we were together.

People were staring, many came to ask who she was, but she had this exclusivity of attention towards me. Whenever anyone else came, she became silent to ward people off, but when together she talked about so many things about her friends and herself. That cherubic smile held me wondering, and I had never got so much attention from anyone. She listened intently to every word I spoke, and caught me fumbling too.

It was a special evening, too bad that I had to leave early for home around 6.15 pm, I just didn't wish to but snarls were warning me already. This 6 year old girl had held me spellbound with her smile and stories, now I know why my Boss is always in a good mood, with such a bundle of joy at home no one can ever get stressed....

I just hope she might have told about me to her friends at school, just the way she told about her school friends to me.

Bloggers and Ex bloggers from Google

I have been looking for one like this for a while..

The job done by Phillip Lensen is great..

Check this one ..Google bloggers and Ex Bloggers

Check this one Google Summer of Code bloggers

Thursday, October 20, 2005

venture capital investment process 3 case analysis

The below idea is from Fred wilson

Three case analyis or venture investments.

1 Ask the company u considering to send there financial model

2 Figure out where the drivers of revenues and costs

3 Figure out how to make changes

If you want to read the original post click here

Joining a start up .. Seven questions

This is from David Biesel

Here comes this question.. What u will do if given a chance .

1 Join a startup
2 Join a big brand

The decision is totally case by case.As a matter of fact. There you get a lot of freedom. I mean in terms of work pressure.BUt the case is not the same with the start ups.

I want to recall what Sergey mentioned. The easist way to join Google is to get in to some small innovative company and get acquired..

I think the startups are amazing and Silicon valley is the most happening place u wanted to be., Either you work there or go bar hopping. I wish i could be there for few months

Read this article from the great David Seven questions for start ups

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Deals in India.. What is going on there.

Read below and you wont be surprised. Some one is going to buy the all freaking business going around in India.. We have to start an antitrust group in India. More merger and Acquistions are happening and they are growing at an alrming rate.. Big grin for I banker.. Thats what I will say.. ( Please leave some companies alone up there so that I can come and do the rest of the Merger acquistion).

Read below what the hell is going there..( I am sincerely happy for that )

Bharat Forge making yet another global acquisition, Fortis buying Escorts Heart research Institute, and Newbridge Capital putting $100 million into Shriram Holdings

Rumours that Mukesh Ambani is on the verge of making a mega-acquisition of a global petroleum company or that Anand Mahindra has thrown his hat into the ring to buy Arvin Meritor, an ailing US auto components company

Consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has totted up the figures. The value of deals announced in the first six months of 2005 is $6.9 billion. This is streets ahead of the $2.9 billion clocked in the first half of 2004, and even more than the $5.2 billion in the whole of 2004. A similar study by Bloomberg too shows that the deal flow has more than doubled this year. At this rate, India Inc's final mergers and acquisitions (M&A) count for the year may come to $15 billion. No wonder, investment bankers sport expansive smiles these days.

The average deal value is 42 per cent higher, at Rs 94.4 crore ($21.7 million). PwC says that India has the fastest-growing M&A market in the Asia-Pacific region this year, second only to Japan's.

International Venue

Oracle bought 41 per cent of i-flex solutions for $593 million. Tata Steel bought Singapore-based NatSteel for $486 million. Videocon bought the colour picture tubes business of Thomson for $290 million. And that's what makes this wave of deals so different from the ones that have preceded it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Financial reporting: the alphabet soup

Financial reporting: the alphabet soup: "Posted by Mark Fuchs, Chief Accountant

Warning: Financial reporting minutiae below. Proceed with caution.

We're going to provide a bit more information with our October 20 earnings announcement. In this and future announcements, we're going to include a so-called pro-forma, or non-GAAP, diluted earnings per share (EPS) number as a supplement to our GAAP EPS number.

In the past, we've only provided GAAP EPS. But because Wall Street analysts typically estimate and describe our results with non-GAAP EPS numbers, that resulted in some confusing apples-to-oranges analyses of our results. (By the way, we review non-GAAP results when we analyze our own performance.) By providing both, we hope it will be easier to understand our results.

Now, if you’ve got your green eyeshade handy, read on. What follows is in accountant-speak.

Earnings per share is calculated by dividing profit (net income) by the number of outstanding shares. That's GAAP. To compute our non-GAAP EPS, we’ll add back to our net income things such as charges for stock-based compensation. (Before adding back stock-based compensation – or other certain charges – we’ll factor in related taxes. What does that mean? When we add back a charge, we subtract the tax benefit related to it that we would get under GAAP accounti"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Billionare College drop outs

This article is from rediff.. Which I found from Navins site.

This my view on that

This makes sense or not.. U know there is this thinking in many peoples mind. Most of the billionares are college drop-outs. Even forbes ran an article about this.

How far is it true. Of course this one really makes sense. When u talk abt the college drop outs we have to include people who had never been to the college too. But the ratio of people who make it big who goes to the college to those who doesnt goes to the college is always higher...look in to the billionares list and you can see that.. Now as we have Sergey and larry to the suit..

This is an interesting twist.. I am not a great believer of school unless you go to the institutions which really matters .. Read top colleges.. Its the people we are with makes all the difference than anything else...

25 ways to distinguish yourself

I found this tips from Mr Navin
So any credit from below is for him...

If you want to download the detailed version in pdf

01# Care as if its your own
02# Do your daily work with passion!
03# Build Strong Relationships
04# Dream Big
05# Set The Right Expectations
06# Ask For Help
07# Celebrate Small Victories
08# Set Higher Standards
09# Know Your Values
10# Pursue Right Memberships
11# Help People Help Themselves
12# Be a Reader
13# Plan by Outcomes
14# Think LongTerm
15# Embrace Uncertainity With Ease
16# Ask The Right Questions
17# Engage with a Coach
18# Be Relevant
19# Get Back On Your Feet Fast!
20# Lead A Volunteer Effort
21# Balance Innovation & Continuous Improvement
22# Learn to Sell
23# Learn Systems Thinking
24# Walk Away From Free
25# Influence the Influencers