Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Billionare College drop outs

This article is from rediff.. Which I found from Navins site.

This my view on that

This makes sense or not.. U know there is this thinking in many peoples mind. Most of the billionares are college drop-outs. Even forbes ran an article about this.

How far is it true. Of course this one really makes sense. When u talk abt the college drop outs we have to include people who had never been to the college too. But the ratio of people who make it big who goes to the college to those who doesnt goes to the college is always higher...look in to the billionares list and you can see that.. Now as we have Sergey and larry to the suit..

This is an interesting twist.. I am not a great believer of school unless you go to the institutions which really matters .. Read top colleges.. Its the people we are with makes all the difference than anything else...