Friday, October 28, 2005

Blogging policies I follow

This blog and its attributed are credited to Philipp Lensen his blog can be reached through here Blog Outer Court

This one is about the tust worthiness of the News I am publsihing ...

Yes, I think I am trustworthy. I follow several principles to be trustworthy:

- I publish my full name, home address, ungarbled email, and photo on my blog
- Every post has a permanent link with a full date and my name below the post
- All posts can be commented on for corrections or feedback
- If I change a post (and it's more than a simple corrected typo) I will make it clear what has been changed either by using the HTML elements [del] / [ins] which were made for that cause, or by posting an update at the end of a post(which is flagged as such), or by making sure the comments contain the information on the change.
This way, I won't report on X, have people link to it saying I reported X, and then change my post to Y, as that would hurt the blogspace discussion.
- I don't report rumors as facts, and I always state who said what (e.g. by naming the full name -- I prefer linking to people who write using their full name -- or by linking to the source). I avoid "Some say..." or "Some people argue..." when I don't have a link ready to accompany this. When I report on a rumor I clearly mark it as such and end the post's title with a question mark (like "New Google Service XYZ?")
and I mention the word "rumor" or similar in the post.
- I come up in official news aggregators such as Google News and am mentioned in other blogs and mainstream news sources.
- I am always available to be contacted and discuss a story, and also, I publish arguments which are against my posts so the other side gets their point of view be seen as well.
- I keep on posting on a daily basis and there is a trustworthy community building around the blog.
- When I did make an error in a post, I clear it up by posting an update. I don't try to hide this error but make clear that I did it.
When the post is very fresh and I find out it covers a hoax (even when I warned it might be a hoax or rumor), I rarely remove the post completely; if I do so, I post the full text of the original post in the blog's forum as reference that it was online.

So I think these policies are far better than any News Papers and official sites. They dont even care to talk about the source where they found the article.