Monday, January 09, 2006

Backl to work

Yes I am back from vacation . I am sincerely Thankful for all the enquiries about my long absence.I really promise you guys to make really worth the wait. I am back back with a bang as I will say..

Its really refreshing to visit the home and I badly need to break. These 25 days frpom Dec 13 to Jan 10 it seems that I learned a lot than what I did in my Long 1.5 years.

Many thing which is right under the nose people tends to over look and I think I am not different.I learned more financial planning , real life scenarios and What ever the Buzz word you hear about from my father than all the articles and latest internet articles put together.

Ok stay tuned and I will come up with my life back there in home and the newly learned facts in this one .