Monday, November 21, 2005

Who are Angel Investors?

Angel Investor are What I will call as Individual VC's.. These are the brightest people who you can see in the entire globe I say.When I mean the brightest read the Business acumen and potential in identifying the future demands..

They must be thinking before the rest of the world for sure. After all any Managemets duty mostly consists of prediction. Which I learned from Demings System of profound Knowledge.

I found this article about Angel Investors is amazing and worth a read from

The article in brief mentions about Who Angel investors are . What they do. Where they hunt for talent . How can we hunt Angel investors..Typically this one is elaborated with 10 steps to be done..

If you want to know a successful Angel investors Nothing just Clik Ram Shriram. This Guy is amazing and Look in to his portfolio companies. You must be really stunned. He has simply 5 million + google shares Juts simply worth 2 billion dollars alone.. Then the other succesful companies on his list are humungus.

I will work for him for anything in the world and even a day spending with him will give an year worth of education..After it is not all form books. I think it wil take me to have an MBA or some more dual degress to atleast understand whathow he process his thoughts.. Amazing processor with a wonderful forecasting algorithm.

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