Tuesday, November 29, 2005

!0 rules for web start ups

This guy is a great guy with lot of vissionMr Evan williams. When i read fro his blog EVhead it is really motivating.

He was working with Blogger later got acquired by Google ( Xoogler) now as he retired ans start Odeo. Ths site for podacasting and related things.

Some how I miss to follow him. He is back with an amazing blog as of now. HE had mentioned about 10 rules for start ups (Web). Which is what every one is the bay area seems to be doing now a days.

I really admire his passion and his enthusiasm in doing some thing like this.I personally wish him Good Luck.

The rules are amasing read it here and all the credit of course goes to Mr Evan Williams. He is a close friend of Kimbalina another blogger team mate .

Great Job Mr Evan . I really enjoy reading this one and review from A VC