Monday, September 26, 2005

How can a business make money.. How can u identigy successfull business

This is totally my views and I am not responsible for any after effects reading this blog..Vijay

Yep I am going to talk about investing. Given a chance which will be the areas people should look in to..

I always suggest that investment should be service driven. I am taking Ram Kavitark Shriram as as example.. He is having more than 5 million google shares in his kitty at any day worth more than 1.5 billion dollars....

He invested in google and its very intersting.. His portfolio companies are of wide variety ..

I am suggesting that you should invest in service oriented industry rather than musiness model assosiated with it.. People are having a keen intuition which tells that very few direct business models will survice read microsoft.

But service orinted is much better.. Google when started has a good service base but not business model.. That can be start later through brillliant people in hand.. So develop a product with good service and then look for the business model.

I cant explain more on this as everything I cant publish.. if u can mail me I can send some more ..