Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Microsft Vs Google

Yes this was the topi of our discussion in Miami Beach. Being a hard coore Google fan there is no way that I am agreeing Microsoft is superior. Infact our discussion went from who is powerful at the point of time.

Yeah I agree Microsoft is a mammoth.No dought about it.With 280 billion dollars in the Taotal Cap , They can do that. But Google as a young price called by Mr John Battelle is worth what it is valued at 80 billion dollars.

I was telling him that the only company who can be in par with Big M is Big G.
Let us wait for few more years and see things coming up..

This is a list of project Google is rumoured to be in in

1. Internet through powerlines
2. Google wallet
3. 3d view on maps
4. Free internet back bone.

I see immense potentila in all these projects .. Let us wait and watch