Friday, September 16, 2005

My first meeting with a VC

I am taking this Intertesing course this semester.. " Strategic Market Assesment of New Technologies " Needless to say the course was the best Enterpreneurship course offered in the USA..Gold medal winner

Yeah why i mention this is worthwhile.. I met with a Venture Capitalist .. The first meeting with a VC in my life.. This means a lot for who know how valuable the time of VC's are.. The guy I am talking about is Dr Fountain.. He is one hell of a guy who is doing Damn good job here.. I asked about his bacground.. He raised 7 comanies out of this 4 of them he took public.. This man really mean what he is talking...

The thing more fascinating for me is that He kind of liked me and sugested me some thing which I should really look in to.. He even told me that he will recommend my name for some pretty good internships.. What more a guy of my age can ask for.. Let us see.. what is coming up ..Stay tuned