Monday, September 12, 2005

Ebay buys out Skype

Dont wonder why.. This is from Mr John battelle. Does it seems to be a no brainer read below

The below words make sense to Ebay people too.. Your vision is very good ... Thats why they brough out skype..

" Now eBay buying Skype? You kidding me? Of course that makes sense. Who is the largest paid search advertiser in the world? eBay. (Or at least in the top three). Why? They are a *mature business* which has reached the stage of *paying well for acquiring customers.* Skype has tens of millions of potential customers, AND a way for folks who are buying and selling to talk to each other for free. But the first point is more important than the second, trust me. Think AOL and ICQ. No brainer "

Only God know what in the world is going to be It industry..

Watch it guys you see much more.. I heard speculation of Oracle buying Siebel,. How true is it..

Let us wait and see