Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Entrepreneurship ? How viral is it

People say that Entrepreneurship should be in blood. How true is it. of course genes might have a lot to say. Sergey and Larry are great entrepreneurs. Nothing to do with genes both of their parents are from academia or in research. Is it the web 2.0 which rewrote the entire gene theory. More and more examples can be Digg, Flickr, etc and Giants Yahoo, Paypal, Ebay. Most of them have solid scientific background and their parents are more in to academic more than in business.

Some of the biggest exits like Skype and You tube has also nothing to do with Gene theory.

But I see a trend in people. People who got success fist its quite easy for them to move fast.Like Kazaa, Skype and now Joost.

Google is building an entrepreneurial cell with in.

Yahoo become exits for many companies.

I will make sure that I write about the viral nature of successful entrepreneurs and their viral nature in creating companies once.