Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Success factors

As I mentioned many times web companies are the easiest one to start. But its interesting to see what are the major factors which contribute towards the success of any start ups.

Top 7 indicators of consumer Internet success By Nissan Gabby

1. Define a previously unrecognized niche
Video sharing as in Youtube
2. Strong ability to leverage natural search as the primary means of user acquisition
Have a catchy name buddy
3. Service that empowers people to make a living
Let other people to make a business model around you Ebay
4. Free (or near free) alternative for a previously high cost service
Gmail as in POP3 alternative for yahoo
5. True viral distribution potential
6. Ability to jumpstart user acquisition through distribution partnerships
Flickr + yahoo
7. Story that lends itself to mainstream PR
Quality product which makes user addict