Wednesday, November 21, 2007

“Why India?,” but “Why not India?

Pulling Out All the Stops: The Opening of India's Real Estate Market
Unprecedented investment opportunities are beckoning in all sectors – retail, residential, commercial and hospitality.

Real estate values have been appreciating at a staggering 30 percent annually, spurred by government reforms and the relaxation of foreign real estate ownership constraints. Direct foreign investment is surging – and with good reason.

India is the world’s most populous democracy with a growing middle class and the largest English-speaking workforce outside of the United States. In purchasing power,

India’s is the world’s fourth largest economy with a growth rate nearly equal to China’s. Thanks to urbanization and easier credit access, developers can’t build residential real estate fast enough. In spite of red tape, sometimes inadequate infrastructure and widespread poverty, skyrocketing demand in the office, commercial and manufacturing sectors is likely to keep the Indian real estate market hot for years to come. The question may no longer be “Why India?,” but “Why not India?”.