Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The opening of India's Real Estate Market

The Opening of India's Real Estate Market
Pulling Out All the Stops: The Opening of India's Real Estate Market

Spring 2005, Opened Indian real estate Market

Compelling is Foriegn investment is early in Life cycle. reallly really early stage
Mauritius Cyprus and Singapore. With out allowing Indian capital gain. Hope to maintained

Current environment is very conducive for foriegn investment.

Economic model is spectacular, Infrastructure is the Key
Contraint is improving roads, airports and hotel room ( Infrastructure deficit) forming funds with government which is awesome.

Driver of opportunities of FDI ?

We have a country prdoucing 2.5 mln educated employable workers a year.
Economy producing GDP 8 and 9 highest in the world.
Projections of growth is expected to continue in the long term.

Ripple effect in the econmomy.

72% in the villages. Moving to cities. More office space, housing and sure thing. Constrained by infrastructure.

Bangalore very significant portion with no mass transit. It will fly in to populated city.
Rental, Residential, and Hospitality is really a key with retail operations.
Home owners are 25 to 30 years. Rental units to condomnium.
Cultural evolution is assuming debt and lack of rental porperties is the opportunity.

Indian and China real estate differences

Investor would favour infrastructure.
India is service based and china is manufacturing based
very very early life cycle in India.
2/3 under age 35. english speaking democracy highly educated (Just the begining)
can India sustain that returns, Risk adjusted return is gonna be same.