Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Success breeds success

Success breeds success:

I had been really fortunate to collaborate with some of best minds. Both in my work and in academia. These people are immensely successful few of them are Ivy league degrees and people with extra ordinary character and manners. Definitely in the long tail of the standard distribution.

I think Stephen Colbert is not much different from John Chow. Both of them understands mass psychology. Needless to say I learn more from watching and listening to him than any other. There is a need for any one who wants to be successful to be associated with more success. This is definitely true in case of me. And I recall Ram Shriram saying that always hire A type people because they are not worried about their job security and all. They know they are good and always can find more people. Especially in the below interview Larry answers Doerrs questions by saying how you fund these growth.

He answered "I am going to hire 10.000 brilliant engineers and they will lead us to there".