Thursday, April 19, 2007

Venture capital resource

CBS Private Equity and Venture Capital Club


  • "The Insider's Guide to Venture Capital"
    - Provides a "day in the life of a venture capitalist" plus other
    helpful hints on landing a job in VC. Also has a list of the larger VC
    firms.Location: CRC Availability:
  • "Vault Career Guide to Venture Capital " - Location: CRC Availability: Overnight
  • "Inside the Minds: Venture Capitalists" - Location: CRC Availability: 3-Day Loan
  • "The VC Way : Investment Secrets from the Wizards of Venture Capital" - Location: CRC Availability: Overnight
  • "Done Deals" - Location: CRC Availability: 7-Day Loan

Magazines/Journals in the CRC and/or Watson Library

Technology Related Information

  • Business 2.0 – One of the few tech/business magazines to survive the .com bubble.
  • Fast Company – Generally interesting articles on emerging companies (CRC)
  • Red Herring – One of the hottest magazines covering technology that had closed, but is now back (CRC)
  • Wired – Another popular technology magazine (CRC)

Other Directories/Trade Journals

  • The Daily Deal (CRC)
  • The Private Equity Analyst (CRC)
  • Venture Capital Analyst (Watson)
  • Buyouts (Watson)
  • Nelson’s Directory of Investment Managers (Watson)
  • Asian Venture Capital Journal (Watson)
  • European Venture Capital Journal (Watson)
  • Institutional Investor (Watson)

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