Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Top Ten Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers
Traders Monthly has out its list
of the top 100 highest paid hedge fund managers. While these sorts of
lists are always prone to errors and missed managers, the numbers are
still staggering, as the following subset of the top ten payees shows.

than shock and awe at the numbers, the main takeaway is the diversity
in the strategies underlying the comp figures. We have two energy guys,
two macro guys, two quants, a macro guy, two multi-strategy firms, and
a would-be Buffett. In other words, there are as many strategy paths as
ever to the top of the comp charts.

NameCityFirmAgeEst. Income
John ArnoldHoustonCentaurus Energy33$1.5-2B
James SimonsEast Setaucket, New YorkRenaissance Technologies Corp.68$1.5-$2B
Eddie LampertGreenwich, ConnecticutESL Investments44$1-1.5B
T. Boone PickensDallasBP Capital78$1B-1.5
Stevie CohenStamford, ConnecticutSAC Capital Advisors50$1B
Stephen FeinbergNew YorkCerberus Capital47$800-900M
Paul Tudor JonesGreenwich, ConnecticutTudor Investment Corp.53$700-800M
Bruce KovnerNew YorkCaxton Associates62$700-800M
Israel EnglanderNew YorkMillennium Management58$600-700M
David ShawNew YorkD.E. Shaw & Co.55$600-700M