Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wanna be a founder, check points

1. Single Founder
Power of team with complimentary skills is by far important that the product itself.
2. Bad Location
I may not say that enrepreneurship is not found in other parts of the world. a suitable location surely makes your life easier
3. Marginal Nice /.
I will more prefer to say this as lack of vision, and dare to challenge the leaders
4. Lack or Originanility
We need to think twice. You tube is not the first video sharing site. Read, Succes is through innovation either in existing or solving the problem
5. Flexibility
If you want to stick to the plan. Knock on your head twice, Because very few succesful companies did. Read Google, Yahoo etc
6. Hiring Bad Programmer
My god dont ever do this, Hire the best you can afford. A bad move on this one will not only kill your current project but also your future projects
some how sorrounding by the wrong people is the last thing you want to do. Kill or escape before it gets to you. I mean it!!!
7. Platform
Be flexible , Even though its necessary to chose some thing you are comfortable with. Willingness to learn and adapt to newer and better platforms should always be an option
8. Slowness in launching
Think hard on this. If you know the curve stay ahead.
9. Launcing too early
No one can say more about this than Sabheer Bhatia Not Hotmail but
10. User in mind
If you build some thing, try to understand what is the problem it solves and for whom. Is that a crowd some one who you can bank on.. Creating a dating site for 70+.
11. Burn rate
Take enough money or better not take it at all
12. Small is cute
launching a company is inversery proportional to number of people in the team, Keep is less than 3 by any means and you will find some thing

Thanks Mr Paul Graham , I am always inspired his ways and very regular dealer. if you surely need to need more ane each points in detail please visit Y Combinator