Sunday, October 29, 2006

American dream

From Michael Lewis interview with Fortune's Brian O'Keefe,

The Big American Dream. I think Lewis did a wonderful job by explaning the arenas where you can build the dream on. He summarizes in to final four categories.

1.Street in the East
2.Valley in the west
3.Washington for politics -I nere though about this as a big arena until he mentioned
4.Proffesional Sports

Interview From Fortune , Thank you Paul

The stars of your books typically find ways to capitalize on market inefficiencies. Is contrariness necessary for greatness?

True greatness requires an ability to respond to challenges and overcome difficulties and suffer and endure - and to think under pressure and act under pressure. America is built on ambition. And there are these little arenas of ambition in the country. There's Hollywood. There's Wall Street. There's Silicon Valley. There's Washington in politics. There's professional sports. And those arenas of ambition - they tend to become ossified. When someone walks into one of those arenas and takes it on, I find that very appealing and healthy.