Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lucent and Alcatel

"Analysts said the deal could trigger mergers throughout the equipment sector as manufacturers look for ways to cut costs and broaden their product lines. However, The scant premium paid for Lucent could set a low benchmark for other deals"
From "CNN Money"

I wasnt claiming to be an expert in M & A. But when u look in to the due diligence. This kind of partnership will trigger further M & A in general with in the cosolidated industries. When you look in to the recenet deals from AT & T, Sprint and other deals in Telecom and allied industries. ( Provided you know the histrory )The once consolidated industry was spearated and again brough together with more Mergers what does this indicate. Good for the sector.

But there is a down side also in the customer face. Consolidate industried trend to monopolize and often the best is not offered to the customers in the long run.

This is from a different stand poing though. Again for the name sake. Could you please recommend any good book in M & A . I am yet due to find one.