Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Googles 99% discount, Ads revenue, Mexed economy

I recently find that Google get a 99% discount for under writing its 2 billion worth shares. Morgan Stanleys fees for under writing is normally 2.9 % or 3%. But they managed to get a discoubnt and paid only 1 million USD.. I wish i could get a prosche for that discount...

Microsoft agreed to buy Massive, a start-up that places ads in videogames, in a deal that highlights the growing flow of advertising into nontraditional media

I am going to buy anything which sells ad online. Live expesially. Now it started for video games .. Watch out for more..

Boeing reported a 29% rise in profit, aided by a surge in jetliner deliveries. Revenue rose 12%, despite lower sales at its space-and-defense unit

As I mentioned earlier. Mixed economy Good for many but not for all .. System is maintaining the balance. Amazon is cutting down job.. Quarter results are not impressive. Same with Ebay and other giant. Ping me for a list of them