Monday, July 11, 2005

Why engineering

For these days I am having a lot of doughts .. Ok let me put it down..

1 What am I here for in dream land USA..

This thoughts are very conflciting . Yeah I mean it. If i finished my master in Industrial Engineering yes its very good and great job. The starting salary will be like 45 k for a fresher and my be in a year or two it will come up to 60 k.. I want to reacall now about my african friend who is my room mate he was a banker back there have 6 years experience and he is studying male nursing . Ireespective of any oods he will start with 120 k and citizenship that the minimium bet..

People who work in health care makesa hell a lot of money. they start with 60 ks and go up to more amount ( an accelerated salary rise) compares to liner rise in engineering sector

i identifies three sectors here may be i am wrong..

1. Banking ( Think investmentbaking and M&A, Startegic management )
2. Health Care (Dont even think hou much Doctors and any one in healthcare )
3.Information Technology ( Software every one I know is doing well)

So better get in to any of these sectors ..No dought about it..i am getting in to that one okkk.

My research is Healthcare Economic Evaluation . Which will give me cooverage in both the sectors Healthcare and banking sector as an analyst to start with ... Hope everything workss...