Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mr Vivek Paul Great lesson to learn from him

Vivek Paul. The great lesson from leader...

This is awesome. I really like it the way he said. He stepped in to venture capitalism in a boston firm after being the CEO of wipro..

When asked why he said these words

"But it was his encounter with an elephant outside of Bangalore more than a dozen years ago that crystallized this philosophy.

Paul was curious why an elephant tied to a small stake in the ground did not yank it up and be on its way. The animal's handler explained that baby elephants tied to similar stakes learn they can't break free. As elephants grow older and stronger, they don't test the stake again--thereby remaining trapped by what should be an obsolete restraint.

"I said, 'By gosh! That's probably relevant to people as well "...

Hope u understand what he said