Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wearing so many hats

I read Fred Wilsons blog very religiously and I have a chance to meet with him once during the facebook hackathon meet up.

He wrote a post today about wearing a lot of hats. Why I think he is a brilliant. A VC: Wearing A Lot Of Hats . Since I read about him every day and even the Gotham girls blog. I have a very good idea of whats happening around him.

I am wondering what are the things I am doing.

1. I have a full time job with one of the financial service firm in Wall st

2. Preparing for GMAT

3. Looking in to higher education other than GMAT

4. Follow up with financial markets ( WSJ, Economist, etc etc)

5. Keep up with technology valuation side

6. Follow with Indian markets especially my few investments in India

Definitely I dont some of these. Which is a huge problem but being an immigrant is not easy we have to play the thing just for a couple of years just to get settled and keep things moving.

May be every one goes through some thing similar. I am hoping that, I am considerably young and in the right track and miles to go. But this young this is definitely not an excuse for some. May be I should have done a better research.

May be I should find a career coach. Just waiting for this India trip in December to get over. I need to pursue some things aggressively though.