Thursday, October 25, 2007

How content affects the buying and selling of ad links

This article is absolutely amazing. I didnt get enough time to read through the thesis. Definitely on my weekend list.

Katona says the results are supported not just by the model that was developed, but also by empirical study. “By using Google we took web pages from different positions in a search for a particular word – from the first click through to the 800th position for example. We repeated the process for 50 different search words. For every web page we counted the number and size of banner adverts. The lower the ranking of the page, the more banners. On the first page there is almost nothing and this supports the fact that high content sites don’t sell a great deal.” He says that the more advertising there is, the greater the risk of visitors getting distracted and clicking on other links.
“For higher content sites it hurts more to sell advertising.