Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IPO and Beyond

Paul Kedrosky: My 2007 IPO Thesis: Part XXIV in a Series

More info, via Om, on the turnaround in the tech IPO market:

  • The deal volume is on the up, and there are six companies out raising money.
  • Of the 23 IPOs (year-to-date), 19 are above issue price.
  • Four deals done in June 2007 (including Infinera) are up average of 28%.
  • The average deal size has been $150mm and the median $100mm.
  • 12 companies that went public were coming off an unprofitable year.
  • The average market cap at IPO was $722 million nd the median $521 million.
  • 10 of the 23 deals are communications related, including two of the semiconductor deals.