Friday, June 22, 2007

Dont know what to say

People say this all the time. If thats the case if you are looking for a job. Should you say that you are looking or not. If you want to get married should u say that or not. If you want to do some thing say or not.

People all time talk about this but I never get it. Could some one please explain.

I know acts go a long way than just talking. But acting is the way, not all people have a Y combinator God father to help them.  Dont lose hope Entrepreneurs If you want to get acquire work hard for it and I bet you will one day.

The Startup Game: How a six-month-old startup got bought by Google

Don't focus on getting acquired. That's like being a single woman who desperately wants to get married. Of course you want it to happen, but 99% of the time if you purposely try to get acquired (or married), it won't. "Stick to your knitting," says Paul Graham, a founding partner of Y Combinator, the startup factory that funded Zenter. "The way to get acquired really fast is to not focus on it. If people get the impression that you want to get bought, you won't."