Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trend following and Indian cell phone markets

Investment Ideas by Yaser Anwar: The Monday Edition- US, China Japan Relationships - India FDI

# f you'd like to benefit in India, I'd suggest looking into the Cellular Market. With 6.8 million new subscribers a month in November only, India recently surpassed China as the fastest growing cell phone market in the world. India still lags behind China in total subscribers, with a mere 143 million compared with China's 449 million. But that's almost double the 75 million amassed a year ago, and India is closing the gap with rival China fast. India has set a goal of reaching 500 million subscribers by 2010.

# No wonder Vodafone is looking to invest in China (cell phone penetration is 40-50% in cities but is an abysmal 3-4% in villages). When a global telco like Vodafone looks to invest, so should you (prime example of trend following).

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