Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Weather derivatives, Equity race

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil slipped further on Friday from a three-month high hit earlier in the week, as forecasts called for unseasonably warm weather to linger in the U.S. Northeast.

U.S. crude settled down 25 cents at $62.41 a barrel, extending a tumble from Wednesday brief climb over $64, which was the highest since late September. London Brent crude fell 4 cents to $62.42 a barrel.

Modelling the eonomic impact of climate change: Anywhere from a 3% to a 9% reduction in global GDP (U.K./Stern)

Housing Futures and Foreign Exchanges

Investors in to Equities

Some thoughts on my side:
Any good recommendation on weather derivatives.

Why equity is becoming hot. Is bull run a reason.

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