Saturday, November 18, 2006

Indian entrepreneurship saga

Indians are the start-up kings of US- The Economic Times
Indians are the start-up kings of US. Indian immigrants to the US account for 28% of all foreign-founded private start-up companies in a climate dominated by immigrant entrepreneurs, according to a new study on the hot-button issue. The study found that over the last 15 years, immigrants have started one in four (25%) US public companies that were venture-backed, representing a market capitalisation of more than $500 billion

The study also found that immigrant founders are responsible for building a high percentage of the most innovative American companies, with 87% operating in sectors such as high-tech manufacturing, infotech and life sciences.
article is throws a light about Indian entrepreneur and the important part played in startups.
The surely could have mentioned some names like Ram Shriram, Vindh Khosla etc