Thursday, September 14, 2006

MySpace Case Study..

            Came across this blog 3/4 times in the last week. I thought it just as another blog. But the article is brilliant in many ways. I recommend this for any entrepreneur. The site details the idea from its concieving stage , execution and exit with benefactors.

             In silicon valley there is a saying that, If you have to be lucky twice. Eventually it wasnt the case with Tom Anderson he made some money out of it.

 Let us see what is more coming from his side. I respect his brilliance and the challenges he had gone through in pulling out the deal. Read more from the link. Below I had given a snippet

Startup Review

MySpace Case Study: Not a purely viral start

Why profiled on

In less than 3 years time, MySpace has become one of the top 5 most visited sites in the US, racking up 48 million unique visitors and 27.4B page views in June 2006. While it will probably never come close to the profitability of Google, eBay, or Yahoo, it has the potential to be the Internet’s next “platform” company. It has made for particularly interesting case study material for leapfrogging early social networking leader, Friendster.

Interviews conducted: I interviewed several people who were close to MySpace in the early days, although no longer with the company. I would consider both of these to be excellent sources. I have also spoken to a number of people in the social networking industry – product managers at competitors, MySpace service providers, etc. I am also a board observer at a company that competes with MySpace.

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