Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Roll of Honour : Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

From Ettimadai to the United Nations Organisation, New York

Vijaychandran of BE (2004) batch, who is currently enrolled for MS programme at the University of South Florida is selected by the United Nations Organisations to execute a key project. He happens to be the youngest intern at the Information Technology Dept. in United Nations Office of Legal affairs.

Vijay's reflections on Amrita
Students are built by the institutions and I can tell that in this context, Amrita can really be proud of moulding such fine individuals and technocrats. I am sure that in the coming years Amrita Alumni will be all over the globe and sure enough, they will be excelling in their chosen fields. The four years were really like being in fire for me, frankly I struggled a lot through the rules and restrcitions there and but now I realise that it was the best which I can get that time. They were meant for my better tomorrows and once we get out of the campus we realise that all the rules and restrictions were there to enable us confront the realities in the world.

I am happy to see education there getting enriched with more research activities. Facilities in the college is really comparable to any other colleges. I am also touched by the untiring commitment of some of my faculty members who helped me out even at during odd hours amidst their hectic schedule.

Vijay on his Education and current work:
I am a full time international graduate student in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Dept. at the University of South Florida. I aim to complete my MS degree in Industrial Engineering by Spring 2006. In the coming Spring 2005 semester, I have been accepted into the very prestigious internship program at the United Nations Organization (UNO) Secretariat Headquarters in New York City. I believe that I am the only student from the college who has been presented with such a great opportunity. The period of the internship will extend from 10 January 2005 to 10 April 2005 at the Information technology Department in United Nations Office of Legal affairs.

The focus of my project at the UN is to develop and implement a new web based search algorithm to query the existing database, sort publications and provide search results to the user. In addition the work will also involve implementation of security protocols to authenticate and restrict user access.

This internship would allow me an unprecedented opportunity to observe the working and management of an international organization. The interdisciplinary nature of my internship program and the project in UN will be excellent training for my MS thesis research. The challenges, which I will face, and the actions that I will take to overcome them, will be a great experience and further boost to my research work here. I would be able to apply the resulting insight and knowledge specifically to the student community by sharing my research experience with my program colleagues.

Vijaychandran Veerachandran,
Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations Organisation, New York

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