Friday, July 20, 2007

Wealth in desh :-)

Bombay Shining - Sepia Mutiny

According to the latest Forbes ranking, the global center of desi wealth is Bombay, not Silicon Valley (thanks, WGIIA).
India is the only South Asian country with billionaire private citizens
(though a Sri Lankan Tamil émigré to Malaysia made the list), and
Bombay has the most.

Vinod Khosla fell below the cutoff, as did most desi American techies except Ram Shriram,
an angel investor in Google who is now apparently the wealthiest desi
in the U.S. So with India’s recent economic growth, Indians are making
more money by staying home than emigrating, quite a reversal, even
though most who emigrated were not born into ultra-wealthy families.
And these figures are in dollars, not even adjusted for purchasing
power in the desh.