Monday, August 14, 2006

Is Google cloning Youtube

I recently noticed that google in its new front page dumped Froogle for Google Video ( see it from Internet wayback machine) Old Google page. What does it mean. Of course it transforms in to a lot of traffic. See it here from Hitwise

In apparence its cloning youtube. Try the new google video UI and you will realise it quicker

To see it, view any video (like this one), then replace the URL with “javascript:setCookie(’np’,'old’);window.location.reload();” and hit enter. A yellow-highlighted option to “Try our new page layout” will appear in the top right. Click that and you’ll see the new layout

What does this all mean. Some said that follow the leader. Every one did follow the google for its UI and its searching algorithm. Now its interesting to see that Google is benchmarking some others. What all those engineers cant find is being identified by You tube guys.

Nice to see google adapting to the trendy users and yielding to web 2.0 by adapting and user based contents.


Michael Arrington , John Battelle