Thursday, May 25, 2006

Real estate in India is there a lot of money.. May be

For many these number wouldnt have made much sense. But this is the real estate market caps of top players in company. Do you think its a comprehensive list. No ofcourse not even close. Because I personally know many people who is more wealthier than in the list and not in public. In india trump strategy is not how many people using. If you asked me its good or bad ( Even an opportunity) I cant reveal my thoughts unless you personally ask me Vijay Chandran.

Notably I looked in to the snap shot and history of the companies and they are moderately new and surpirsed to see that how can they bring this much market cap. We need more Kushpal Singh ie people with great vision and capable of even thinking about a 2 billion USD aka (10,000 crore indian Rs ) IPO. kudos to you and good luck with your endeavours.

Company Name Market cap in Crores of Indian Rs
D S Kulkarni 587.29
Ansal Housing 461.36
BSEL Infrastruc. 415.54
Lok Housing 413.06
Vipul Ltd 311.15
Prime Property 267
Arihant Found. 248.79
Ansal Buildwell 219.48
Marg Constn. 136.65
Ashiana Housing 126.34
Lancor Holdings 77.06
Eldeco Hsg.&Inds 62.42
Vijay Shan. Bui. 60.54
SAAG RR 49.84
Thakkers Develp 29.45
Radhe Developers 23.01
Narendra Propert 18.36
Kadamb Const. 17.2
Sudsun Hsg. Dev. 15.59
Kamanwala Inds. 14.42

Data pulled from Capitalline on May 25 2006 11:20am EST. Thanks to my Good Buddy K for his help in gathering the information